Monday, February 2, 2009

Unorganized Militia Gear

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You wanted them, you've got them. Besides the classic Unorganized Militia Propaganda Corps Patches, Days of Our Trailers in association with SnarkyBytes bring you UMPC Stickers available in ALL THREE COLORS!!! We also have UMPC Lapel Pins in Subdued Green, the "Liberty Strikes Back" logo by Kent McManigal, the UM Infantry, Marksman, Sniper, and Signal Corps patches in Subdued Green.

FULL COLOR (Patches and Stickers)

TAN SUBDUED (Patches (only a few left) and Stickers)

GREEN SUBDUED (Patches, Stickers, and Lapel Pins)

To complement the UMPC gear, Days of Our Trailers also has Unorganized Militia INFANTRY, MARKSMAN, SNIPER, and SIGNAL CORPS patches in Subdued Green.

(Patch Only at this time)

(Patch Only at this time) Only a few left!!

(Patch only at this time)

(Patch only at this time)

Also available is the "Time's Up" patch based on a design Kent McManigal.
(Patch Only at this time)

Patches and Pins are $5 ea. for one or two, $4 ea for three or more in any combination. For bulk orders of 10 items or more, E-mail for pricing. Stickers are $1 ea. . All prices include shipping and any applicable fees. Paypal, Check, or MO accepted. To purchase using PayPal use:

thirdpower at hotmail dot com

Or you can send a check or MO to:

Roy Kubicek
PO Box 184
Ashmore, IL 61912

Make sure to include a detailed list of the items you want and a way to contact you in case of a discrepancy.

Hot Chicks w/ guns wear DOOTWear:

Looks great on Hats, Range Bags, Laptops, and Purses. Feel free to E-mail me with your photos.

Unorganized Militia Gear

Unorganized Militia Gear

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Unorganized Militia Gear


Anonymous said...

Let me figure out what I will be putting it on, and you will be getting an order from me :).

Mike W. said...

Patches are great! I put one on my range bag.

Kent McManigal said...

Nice! If you would like to use my "Time's Up" flag design for a patch, feel free.

Drang said...

I don't suppose an Unorganized Militia Propaganda Corps MI patch...?

Thirdpower said...

Not yet but it's an idea for later expansions.

Anonymous said...

How about a UM Medical Corps? Someone has to fix those non-electrical, pop-up targets....
Bandaid 7

drjim said...

Since I'm a "Radio Guy" who's *quite* good at it, could I post the Signal Corps patch on my blog?

Thirdpower said...

Certainly. Make sure to pass it along.

drjim said...


Drang said...

OK, I'll go with the secondary--I won a Signal Corps patch in the raffle at Gun Bloggers' Rendezvous.

Konrad Baumgarten said...

I love that. I will post the patch on my blog as well:

The Swiss Gun Blog

jinksto said...

I hadn't seen the new ones. I badly want a color version of the Signal Corps patch for my blog.

Glenn B said...

Do you still have the complete variety of patches for sale and do you have stickers of all of them too? Please let me know in a comment here and tell me how to contact you to buy them. I would probably use payPal to pay you for them if you still accept that. Is the paypal address given above still the same to make payment to you?

Glenn B

Elfman said...

Hey! I'd love to display you're Unorganized Militia patches on my blog, with a link so that people can find them to purchase them. Do you object, sir?

Thirdpower said...

Not at all. I have code if you're interested. Just email me.

Pat said...

I sent you an order for three patches. I need some new ones for my range bag -- these'll fit the bill!

Yas said...

Hey are you going to be at I-Gold this year? I might want a patch or 2.

Thirdpower said...


Yes, I'll be there. I'll be up in front of the PCCC. Best place to find me. And I'll bring an assortment of patches.

yas said...

If you have a tan UMPC Patch left I'd appreciate it if you could set it aside. I'll bring proof of the snuffy turn in that its me! I'll be a bus child Thursday.

John Richardson said...

Just sent in an order. Would love to have the green UMPC pin in time to wear it at the NRA Annual Meeting!