Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More "Reasoned Discourse".

From Robyn Ringler.

Robyn, once again you've proven yourself to be just a typical disingenuous, hypocritical anti. Look at the majority of the posts by ATR(AKA Alex the "culturologist") and JadeGold then read your statement " If you include a final line, as so many of you do, with something like: ”And so you see, Robyn, you are a stupid idiot and what you write is garbage,” the comment is out the door."

You allow insults and outright fabrications by those supporting your cause yet , just like all the others, claim that "many" of us are insulting you so you won't allow the posts. Very few of the posts you've censured of mine contained any sort of derogatory language at all and rarely directed towards you.

Thank you for being as blatantly dishonest as we've come to expect from your side.

Edit: Apparently Linoge's comment didn't make it through. I didn't even bother.


Anonymous said...

Just left a polite comment on that post illustrating some other holes in it. Almost going to break out the stop watch to see how long it takes to disappear...

Anonymous said...

And it is already gone... whaddya know?