Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pocket Battleship Guns & PSH

12 caliber guns are apparently now available for civilian purchase according to a Freedom States Alliance "expert". That would give the gun a 12" bore. A similar size used on Heavy Cruisers and Pocket Battleships.

And more of our elected legislators think assault weapons include "shoulder things that go up". Mostly by either deliberately lying or in ignorance, they are spouting the usual "spray fire from the hip", 10 gazillion rounds per second nonsense on the floor.

I'm sure the Anti's are proud of how honest and informed their supporters are.


Rustmeister said...

I looked up the shooter he was talking about and found it might be the Norinco 12g.

Still, I'll be damned if I've ever found a shotgun that shot four shells per trigger pull.

Anonymous said...


lemme get the slide rule out.

12" bore gives a radius of 6" or 15.24cm (1 inch = 2.54cm).

Assuming a spherical lead bullet, the Volume equation is:
V = (4/3) x pi x radius^3
= 14836.39 cm^3

The density of lead = 11.34g/cm^3

This gives the bullet weight of168244.66 grams or 370.9 lbs since there are roughly 453.6 grams per pound.

So each bullet tips the scales at 370.9 pounds.

Considering that the firearm mentioned fires four rounds with each trigger pull, the minimum capacity of said gun must be four rounds at the very least, for a minimum of 1483.6 pounds just for the ammo.

I suppose you could slap a copper jacket on these bad boys and lighten 'em up a tad, but not much.

Maybe when I have some more free time, I'll try to calculate the amount of powder needed to propel these ultra-deadly ninja 5* bullets at any decent velocity. Not to mention the mass of the gun needed to contain and withstand said powder charge.

But what do I know, I'm just a stupid neanderthal.

Anonymous said...

Nice try, kave. But I have a feeling you lost the sheeple at 15.24 cm.

Rev. Paul said...

Or .. you could just look at the main gun mounts on the USS Missouri. Shoulder mounted? Fired from the hip? Perhaps .. if the shooter is the Hulk.