Sunday, February 1, 2009

Of Patches and Socks

Today marked the end of my first adventure into being a dealer at a gun show. Taking my surplus surplus, UMPC, and the new UM patches, I had a successful run which will go a long way towards paying my way towards Phoenix in May. What surprised me was what sold.

Patches and Socks.

The new UM Marksman and Infantry patches* sold as well as the traditional UMPC patches along w/ several dealers buying them in bulk for resale from their locations. The big surprise item in demand were socks. I had several bags of US Army socks that I bought in bulk a while back and they went fast and furious. Just goes to show you never can tell.

I also had the pleasure of meeting longtime reader and commenter Longhorn Jeff who came by specifically to see me and picked up a few items for himself. My FOID deficient friend along w/ one of my professors also made it a point to stop by.

*These will go on sale on this site along w/ a few surprise items this week.


Longhornjeff said...

next time remember the extra bag of socks.

Petey said...

Are you going to be at the gun show in East Peoria next weekend?

Thirdpower said...

No, next weekend I have a WWII re-enactment.

Justin Buist said...

Well, those are some good socks!

Anonymous said...

I remember longhorn from back when the Brady Campaign allowed comments on their blog. Nice to see the old gaurd is still around.

me said...

the socks are for all the gorebal warming we're warned incessantly is coming.