Friday, February 22, 2008

Rambling Friday thoughts

Ok Boys and Girls my flight has been delayed, so I am stuck here. I will not be going to Newark Airport to sit in the Continental Airlines Presidents Club, getting hit on by half drunk businessmen. I am going stay here in my office until they have some idea of when I can head over there and go home. Gawd what a depressing place New Jersey is.
I cannot wait to walk out at Hartsfield, and find myself on the road home, even better be at home with the people I love and in my own bed tonight.

While I was waiting for a Doctor yesterday, “The Evil Witch” (As Bryan would call me) has blown out her back again.
I noticed a blurb in an article “trend suggests that New Jersey would have a net outflow of over 100,000 persons in 2009” that over 100,000 people picking up and moving to other states most likely Free states. California, is also reporting decreases in populations.

In deference to “The Brain” Miller, who wants you to believe everyone loves New Jersey, the foolish worthless laws, and high taxes. The same newspaper he beats his chest in reports New Jersey is a “dying land.” This slow agonizing death can be directly blamed on the likes of Miller and his cronies there hard work to erode the bill of rights, as well as coddle criminal to keep the corrupt democrats in office.

I have had the misfortune to spend a good part of last year and will be here until at least summer, until this project is slowly completed and is shut down. I say this is my last project but I said this after the last three. I can honestly say, I have never had so many people say to me, “I was born here, but I hate this state” The conservatives I tell go south young man/woman. The liberals I tell them hey you made this hell-hole stay and bask in your accomplishments, but please do not go south and contaminate our world.

Have a wonderful weekend all



NotClauswitz said...

Unfortunately half of them seem to have moved here to California, and they drive really badly.

Anonymous said...

Dirt those are called New Yorkers