Tuesday, February 19, 2008

King Dick walks in the blood of NIU victims.

Calling for bans on .50 cals, "assault weapons" and licensing of licensed dealers along w/ "Loopholes and "universal checks". Not a single thing related to the shootings. Even his allies are backing away from him on this one:

"But after the news conference, state Sen. John Cullerton, a Chicago Democrat and longtime gun control advocate, acknowledged they would not have prevented the NIU shootings."

Look at the video. It shows an AK clone w/ the magazine apparently jammed in backwards. One pundit goes on about "we're not trying to take your guns away". I wonder if anyone mentioned to him that those were the same promises made before the Chicago Handgun ban.

CBS viewers recognize that the laws have failed.

Crime in Chicago is skyrocketing, showing why they only submit partial records to the FBI.

While some people who should be deleted, aren't.

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