Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Can't argue w/ your opponent?

Make up "facts" about them instead. CampusCarry is allegedly getting their wheelbarrows full of cash from the "gun lobby":

But Peter Hamm, communication director for the Brady Campaign to Stop Gun Violence, is concerned that the group is the latest tool of the powerful gun lobby.

"We know very clearly that they were organised and they are funded by the gun industry, by the companies that are selling the guns," he said.

"This is not some spontaneous, grassroots organisation.

"There are more members than there were before Virginia Tech because the gun industry is spending more money to enlist more young people to help them spread the word, that if only we had more guns in America, we'd have less of a gun violence problem."

So where's your evidence Peter? We can show that the majority of Anti-gun funding is from either the BC or Joyces. Can you do the same for this group?

via Mike101 on HuffPo.


The Duck said...

When they started last fall in SW Ohio, one student came to the GRPC, & asked for holster donations, they didn't have any money, by the time they left, they had more help than they knew what to with, but there were no wheelbarrows full of money

Rustmeister said...

Like Tam says, they've been dining on astroturf for so long, they can't tell when they've been fed a mouthful of divot.

Anonymous said...

It was started by a few students on ARFCOM. There is no industry funding.

Cargosquid said...

Heck, I'm joining just for the money.
Woohooo! I don't have to go to work anymore.....
What! Its all a lie? NNNoooooooooo......

We 2nd Amendment rights fans need to find a sugar daddy!