Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Response to Bryan

Hi Kids, as Bryan Miller has a habit of censoring or deleting challenges involving truth, felt I would just post my response here.

Oh, Bryan is so mean; our little EX delivery boy/shipping clerk loves to attack when he assumes he is in a safe venue, (of his choosing of course). Also it appears baby has a temper. (Sarcasm intended)

Since Bryan appears to selectively remember what he wrote, or perhaps cannot read his own post, I will briefly recap for him.
He was droning something about cars being safer and lives saved, all the while indicating that these wonders were a result of the Nanny state (ok my addition).

I simply pointed out that the wonders he was attempting to taut were not as great as he would have us believe. Moreover, 40,000 plus dead in auto collisions per year for 15 years cannot be declared a victory. He seems to want to split hairs over "Miles driven" who taught Bryan math Louis Farrakhan?

Yes, Bryan was being a bully to a seemingly very nice woman Melody Z and yes, it did bother me; Bryan opine that I was not a nice woman. In my defense I am sure there are some who would agree with him, I like to think they are the minority (Or at least limited to leaders of hate groups like Ceasefire.) Moreover appears Bryans Ex-wife did not think Bryan was a very nice man, she dumped him, (Public records are great)

I do look forward to the day when his inflated ego, leads him to beating his chest on some left wing NPR, broadcast (Local) and I get the chance to ambush him. Turn about is fair play.

I feel reasonably sure he will never actually take me up on any challenge, because he is a typical leftwing type, too cowardly to play on an even playing field. He or his minions hand pick there battles, as well as their victims.

Bryan will stumble, on one of the Pro-Freedom Crowd, when he can not run hide, bully, or intimidate. And will get his hateful Butt handed to him.
I look forward to that day.


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