Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ethical and Moral Considerations

will be a requirement for handgun ownership in IL. if Representative Elizabeth Hernandez ( a Freshman Dem from Cook County) has her way. All these under the guidance-ship of Illinois State Police. The same organization that arbitrarily decides who they will issue FOID cards to in violation of the law.

I think an E-mail is in order. Of course it took some searching as she doesn't have it listed on either the official Gov't site or the Dem site. I wonder why. Here it is in any case:


Rep. Hernandez,

In your bill, you state that any approved classes will include " a presentation of the ethical and moral considerations necessary for any person who possesses a handgun".

What specifically are the considerations that need to be included in such a course?

People's Soviet of IL

Basically it's another "handgun licensing" bill. Where have we seen those before? Hmm, let me think. Oh, right, Chicago and DC. What were the results from that? Oh, right, they closed the offices, therefore banning handguns.

Howabout this? Let's "compromise". I'll accept this 'license' if it includes statewide CCW , NRA classes are approved, and military training is considered equivalent to the classes. Would that work for you Rep. Hernandez?

Thanks to Armed and Safe for the heads-up.

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