Monday, February 18, 2008

Bryan Miller wants "reasoned discourse"

Before it's too late. He references 8 recent killings or near killings. Let's analyze them shall we?

~Saturday, February 1: 15-year old honor student shoots and kills parents and two brothers in Baltimore suburb;
~Saturday, February 1: Gunman shoots and kills five women in suburban Chicago clothing store;
~Sunday, February 2: Gunman shoots and kills three at suburban Washington, DC pizzeria after argument over Super Bowl;
~Thursday, February 7: Gunman shoots and kills police officer, three others in fiery Los Angeles stand-off;
~Thursday, February 7: Disgruntled citizen shoots and kills two police officers, three others in rampage during Missouri city council meeting; and
~Friday, February 8: Nursing student shoots and kills two other students and self at Louisiana college.
-February 2, when a man armed himself with an assault rifle and hundreds of rounds of ammunition and approached the Super Bowl near Phoenix intent on massacre, but had a last-minute change of heart and turned himself in before opening fire.
-Valentine's Day, when a disturbed gunman shot and killed 5 students and wounded 16, before killing himself, in a lecture hall at Northern Illinois University.

-Baltimore MD, Strict Gun control. #5 on brady scores
-Chicago Suburb. Strict Gun Control #8 on brady scores
-Wash DC. Guns Banned
-Los Angeles, Ca. Strict Gun control #1 on brady scores
-MO Gun Free Zone
-LA Gun Free Zone
-Superbowl Gun Free Zone
-NIU Licensed, waiting period, gun free zone

So you're right Bryan. Politicians should stop "pandering" to the "gun lobby" and start following their advice as you've clearly shown that doing the opposite is a recipe for disaster.

Of course in reality it sure sounds like he's hoping someone we know gets shot so "then you'll know." Anti-gunners really are violent, aren't they?


Anonymous said...

All of those Government regulated and mandated safeguards only prevented law abiding citizens from stepping in and taking these nutcases out with a legally owned hand gun.

Here in Israel, they might have gotten off 1 shot before someone stepped in and put a stop to their rampage.


Anonymous said...

And, just think... Bryan would just love to turn the rest of America into places like D.C., Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, and all the rest... Places where armed criminals can attack as many people as they so desire without having to worry about responsible people bringing them down with their legally and safely owned firearms.

And he is actively fighting for this outcome... Sicko, heal thyself.

Tom said...

Don't forget the other side of the issue.

I have yet to hear of a successful (from a scumbag's prespective) 'mass shooting' at a police station, gun show, gun store, gun range, etc. ad nauseum.