Friday, February 22, 2008

#1 on the Brady Score card

Gang mayhem cripples big area

Thousands stranded, schools locked down as notorious group battles the LAPD after a drive-by killing.

A drive-by attack followed by a wild shootout between gang members and police shut down dozens of blocks of Northeast Los Angeles for nearly six hours Thursday afternoon, stranding thousands of residents, keeping students locked in their classrooms and leaving two people dead.

Since the beginning of the year, authorities said Avenues gang members are suspected in at least six homicides. Northeast Division, typically far from the most violent in the city, already has eight homicides this year, more than any other, police said. At that rate, the division would far eclipse last year's total of 18.

Fire arm owners just need to move out and leave the state to those who voted to enable this. Of course we get to listen to the spin on how they need MORE gun control to make it more illegal and to blame the "lax laws" in other states. Never mind that they can't control criminals that have been around for decades.

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Anonymous said...

Chalk me up as being a statistic... Headed out of the People's Republic of Kalifornistan as last as December, as early as July... and never, ever looking back.