Sunday, April 21, 2013

More of that 90% Support Thing

Chuckie Schumer got about 100 people to show up for an anti-gun rally.

They NYSRPA got over 10,000 .

Do the math. 

At least Chuck's wearing a US flag pin (the only one present) unlike Gov Quinn.

But it's like that nationwide.  An anti-gun protest w/ a few dozen people gets national headlines and proclaimed to be 'the people' while multiple rallies of thousands of pro-rights advocates are ignored and vilified as 'extremists'. 

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Old NFO said...

Yeah, I think they got the 90% support the WRONG way around... :-)

Greg Tag said...

The problem with the 90 % number is- its a made up number.

I have seen no statistical validation whatsoever- I think Obama-Biden just pulled it ... er... out of thin air.

The second and more important matter is our NATURAL rights, yours and mine, are simply NOT subject to majority rule. This nation is NOT a democracy, it is rather, a Constitutional Republic.

If a majority vote can cancel the natural right to keep and bear arms, then a majority vote can criminalize being an evangelical Presbyterian, or even, Sen Schumer, being an observant Jew.

That is tyranny.

Schumer and Pelosi and their ilk dont care, because they will be members of the tyrant class.



Senator Schumer

Rova said...

Reposted with delight:

Anonymous said...

The 90% number is taken from a Reuters article ( which quotes a poll taken by Quinnipiac University of Connecticut. They polled just under 1800 CT voters, a state that has very progressive gun laws and leans predominately left. It's no wonder they got the result they did and Reuters went on to say it was "Over 90% of Americans". Here is the link to the Universities release on the poll details: