Friday, April 26, 2013

Anti-Gun Funding Fail

A group of indy filmmakers went to the wrong demographic to get their anti-gun propaganda piece made. Instead of getting a grant from Bloomberg or the Joyce Foundation, they tried 'crowdsourcing' and barely made half of their goal. 

What is SIX?
SIX is a short film about a child who finds a hidden gun while playing alone on a rooftop. It is a story about a child's imagination vs. reality; a child's innocence vs. the power of guns; and a child's vulnerability vs. the negligence of adults.
Why Should I Care?
Above all, SIX is a story about our world - today.
The number of firearms in the US is not in the millions, but in the hundreds of millions. With all the talk about gun control, who can control over 300 million privately owned guns? We want to take part in the conversation as we best can: by making this film! You can do the same by helping us make it.
Besides being political, we are making a film that is not only thought-provoking, but that is also going to make you laugh, cry, feel and think.
Now I tried talking to one of the filmmakers. She admitted the film wasn't about 'education' but to make people 'think' and to 'generate discussion'.  IOW, 'think' and 'discuss' how guns are bad.  When I asked the question about if they had a firearm safety expert not from an anti-gun group as a technical advisor, she stopped talking. 

Just like I said, they're not trying to 'talk about our world today' in any sort of realistic form but instead to scare people.

In comparison, several KS campaigns for board games I've been involved in have reached their goals by multiples w/i days.I'm sure they'll find a way to get the rest of the money to finish their film but once again, it shows that there are no grassroots for gun control.

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LC Scotty said...

Assaulted raised about 150k between 2 separate kickstarters.

Pyrotek85 said...

LOL that was a pretty small goal too, far less than most kickstarters I see.

George said...

The producer is a Finn here on a student visa. Draw your own conclusions.

Sigivald said...

All it makes me "think" is "if only that kid had gotten NRA Eddie Eagle training, the kid would know to not touch it and go find an adult".

But I guess that makes for a really short movie.

Thirdpower said...

I actually said something similar on the FB comments.

Overload in Colorado said...

The guy who made Waco: Rules of Engagement, did a Kickstarter to make a documentary on the whole Fast and Furious situation. He only got $22,000 out of $400,000 he wanted.

So, maybe politics isn't strong on either side?

Thirdpower said...

Never even heard of that one. And it's still almost 3x the money the anti-gun one made.

Overload in Colorado said...

Maybe that was the problem, lack of publicity?