Saturday, April 13, 2013

Us vs Them pt II

I posted the other day comparing photos of the ICHV 'event' and IGOLD. So did Illinois Carry on their FB page w/ a compare graphic

As of 3:30pm 4/13 has 715 'likes, 1996 shares!!, and 63 comments. 

Of the ICHV FB page post w/ the most support, it has 57 'likes', 4 shares and 12 comments but only 3 are shown which means they are conducting 'reasoned discourse' and deleting opposing views.  I actually saw some of the comments and 'liked' them before they disappeared but didn't get a screencap.

Now take a good look at the 'Advocacy Day 2013'  photos they've put up and compare them to the IGOLD photos.  What you do NOT see (besides large numbers of people) amongst the various close-ups, 'STOP' signs, peace symbols, pre-printed organization signs, and even a Chicago flag becomes obvious. 

There is not one... single.... US flag being flown (or from what I can see, worn) by any of the demonstrators.  Not one.

Even the Governor isn't wearing one.

 It certainly does show where their loyalties lie, doesn't it? 

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-flylow said...

Most of those people are there for the free donuts and coffee.

Old NFO said...

Or he's doing a CYA with the 'group'...