Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Another 15yr Old 'Good Boy' from Chicago

A heartwrenching headline:
Boy, 15, found shot to death blocks from Obama`s Chicago home
Another 'child' dead because of the NRA and those cold, unfeeling gun owners.  It's all their fault. If we only had one more law, this wouldn't have happened. Right?

Then you come to this part:
Police spokesman John Mirabelli said the motive in the latest shooting death was not known, but that German was affiliated with a street gang.
Of course the family denies it. Their baby would never do anything wrong. Just like the other 70% of Chicago homicide victims that were just going to the store to get gram'ma some milk.

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1 comment:

chiefjaybob said...

Oh, come on! You just know he was turning his life around, had quit bangin' and was going to go back and get his GED. Wait, what? He was 15? Well, he was still turning his life around.