Thursday, April 25, 2013

Anti-Gun Activists: All Talk, No Activism

Sebastian TBFKASIH has a post up about a 'protest' at the NRA lobbying offices in DC.  About a dozen people marched. 

Now here's the really fun part. On the FB event page for it, over 1,100 people pledged to show up out of 44,000 invited.  So only 2 1/2 percent of the people invited said they'd show and only 1-2 percent of them even bothered to attend.

So all that crap about the anti-gun activists being 'fired up','mobilizing their base' and 'motivated' because of the recent Senate votes?  This is the reality. Even the overwhelming majority of people who say they give a crap about it really don't. Mostly it's just paid professionals like Ladd Everitt of the CSGV pictured below.(notice they never show the 'crowd shot'). 

So when polls say 'x%' of people want some sort of gun control, the reality (a word anti-gun activists don't live within) is that those people polled mostly either don't really care, are guided into the answers or have no idea what they're being polled for.

It's all just talk. The only 'action' is Bloomberg and the Joyce Foundation dumping millions of dollars into their pet cause.

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Cape Cod Ex-pat said...

It's funny... Back on the 2/23 Day of Resistance, we had at least 50 people show-up in the cold, heavy wind and sleet coming down on Alaska's capital city to show solidarity for gun ownership. Looked like a beautiful, sunny day for these folks. What's their excuse?

Unknown said...

I saw the numbers too on people invited vs who showed up, I'm wondering if like twitter many of the facebook accounts that 'like' these groups are actually shill accounts.