Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Why There Can Be No 'Compromise' or 'Conversation'...

Nevermind the fact that we know they want to ban guns and that every time we try to 'talk' we're insulted or called 'unreasonable', Mig has the core reason in a picture:

CSGV blood check

THIS is the reason.  THIS is what they think of the 4.5m members of the NRA and the hundreds of thousands of members of other pro-rights organizations like the SAF, JPFO or ISRA just to name a few.  They fervently believe that WE are responsible for all the crime and murders in the US, NOT the criminals, and that WE should be punished for it by being deprived of our rights and our property if not imprisoned outright.  

Don't believe me?  Just check out all the comments on the CSGV FB page calling gun owners 'disgusting' and 'terrorists' alongside all the racial and cultural stereotypes.

Any Questions? 

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