Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gun Control FAIL Continues

Reid pulls gun bill from consideration

Expected but still entertaining to read.

And in the IL General Assembly, they decided overwhelmingly that pulling investments from one of the only industries that's actually making money right now was a bad idea. 46-69 w/ 2 voting Obama.

Chicago politicians are stripped of their ability to carry firearms 94-14 w/ 8 voting Obama.

These two now go to the IL Senate.

The decent CCW bill HB 997 is expected either late tonight or tomorrow.

TONIGHT.  Debate nowIL Carry forum.

Rep Cassidy goes on about 'laazzzzerrrrs' and that no license could be revoked.   How do these idiots get elected?

The Chicago-crats basically just voted for Constitutional carry as the Shall Issue bill 64-45 and 4 Obamas. It needed 71 to override Chicago.

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Cormac said...

So does that mean it can be vetoed by Chicago?

Or that they just don't have to follow the rules if they don't want to?

(what a weird place Illinois is...)

Djach said...

"...voted obama."

That's awesomely hilarious! Nice work!