Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Victory Made Even Sweeter

President Obama accused members of Congress of having "a pretty shameful day in Washington," a reaction to the Senate's failure to pass a key gun control measure that would have expanded background checks.
 Poor Zero. He really hates that 'powerful gun lobby' that represents millions of people in comparison to his anti-gun lobby that represents millions of dollars.

In shooting their wad, they showed their true colors.  They want gun bans and as many restrictions as they can get.  We not only have the introduced legislation but also the voting records to prove it.

And from the Joyce Funded ICHV:
 Keep up the fight! Today common senese gun legislation on both the federal and state level was defeated. While this is a setback - it is not the end of the fight! If anything, it is even more of a reason to hold our elected officials accountable. The spotlight is turned brightly on them and we must not stop pushing for common sense gun laws on either level.
Mmmm. Gimme some sugar baby. Your tears are sweet.

And as per 45Superman and Miguel, the anti's are already wishing dead children on those who support Constitutional rights

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1 comment:

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Have you seen some of the abuse the Democrats who voted against the amendment are taking?