Friday, April 19, 2013

Take Your 'Compromise'.....

..And stuff it where the sun don't shine, right next to your head.

Two IL State Senators think that " gun-rights advocates have to compromise." over CCW and they are putting up a bill carving out Chicago as an exception.  

Screw you both.  We've tried 'compromising' for years.  Now we don't have to.  We have a handy dandy little court decision saying we're getting carry June 9th whether you like it or not. YOU'RE the ones that need to 'compromise'. 

Get that through your ivory tower heads. 

Give ol' Sen. Bivens and Sen. Raoul a call and tell them what you think of their 'plan'.

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DJMoore said...

Third, I must strongly disagree with your advice to call Rahm, et al, and tell them what you think of their plan.

Instead, call them, write them, email them, and enthusiastically support their no-compromise position. Praise them for their common-sense, honorable, and brave resistance to the NRA gun lobby. No compromise. Never give an inch.

Then call your legislators and tell them that if they pass anything beyond an absolute bare bones shall-issue concealed carry law, they will be calling down civil war on their own heads.

You want the fight to stretch, to go right to the deadline, and past it if possible.

Blindside the tyrants. Feed their egos. Disinform them to a happy stupor. you will never convert them; don't even try. Don't wake them up.

Support the pro-civil-liberty legeslators, and scare the pants off the fence sitters.

Run out the clock.

Rob Crawford said...

I would be curious what other parts of the Constitution they believe do not apply to Chicago.

Unknown said...

I wonder about giving them their little illegal exempt areas and then suing the shit out of them. Sue the cops and the DAs for a sec 1983 violation. Take the state, county and city back to court and let Posner slap the hell out of them. Again.