Sunday, April 14, 2013

We CAN Make a Difference

Two months ago I discovered that the mayor of my old home town of Evergreen Park, IL was a member of MAIG.  I wrote a very simple email to him :
Mayor Sexton,

I grew up in EP and still have family there that I visit and care for regularly.  I was disappointed to discover that you are a member of NY Mayor Bloomberg's anti-gun group.  It has nothing to do with 'Illegal guns' and everything to do with promoting his personal agenda of restricting firearm ownership among those who actually follow the law.  I would strongly urge you to reassess your decision to be associated with him and his unconstitutional agenda.

Best Regards,
Checking today, I saw that he is no longer listed on the MAIG page as a member

There are several new members but several others that have dropped off as well meaning that Chicago likely has one or more of those MAIG/taxpayer funded employees advocating for membership.

Illinois residents need to contact their mayors and make them see the light. Don't forget to thank them when they drop out.

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Anonymous said...

Well done.