Saturday, April 20, 2013

If Only She Weren't Serious.....

Saw this on FB:

These are the kinds of people contacting their legislators in support of more gun control.  Also voting and breeding. 

We're doomed as a nation and a species.

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Braden Lynch said...

Can she tell me where I can get some of that cool anti-aircraft weaponry?

I've got this annoying drone that is just loitering over my residence and I want to shoot it down.

Regarding ammunition and body armor on the internet, if the police and military can get it, then so should I. I am a free citizen and want to remain that way. The Second Amendment does not say that I have to limit myself to second tier weapons.

Sigivald said...

Maybe she's just stupid enough to buy the ".50 cal = anti-aircraft gun" line that CSGV/Brady/etc.have been pushing for years?

Because you can, of course, buy a semi-auto or bolt action .50 BMG as a private sale, true...