Friday, April 19, 2013

That 'Broken' Senate

This is a post on FB I put up and was suggested I put up here as well. Not a perfect history but it gets the point across plus a little addition.

 For those claiming that the US Senate is 'broken' due to the latest failing of anti-gun bills in the US Senate, remember this. Cloture votes were originally created in 1917 by Wilson and a Dem Senate in order to push through bills that were being blocked. In 1975, the Dem Senate modified it to the current 60 vote system. In 2005, the Dem minority (and main stream media) vilified the majority Rep. for trying to limit filibusters w/ the 'Nuclear Option' which the Dems. later embraced when they regained the majority. And just a few months ago, the Dem. leadership passed a 'reform' that did nothing but allow them to say they did something, all because they knew they would still need it when they lose the majority again. 

Just like the claims that the Senators who voted against the various anti-gun bills were 'bribed',  it is conveniently ignored that Bloomie  and O's OFA dumped millions into this campaign as well nevermind the Joyce Foundation dollars that went into promoting the bills through their various puppet groups. 

This is politics in action. They run the hill to maintain their own power base. It has nothing to do w/ 'The People'.

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Archer said...

So, basically, what you're saying is, the Dems created and evolved all the rules in their favor over the past century, and now they're all butt-hurt that the Repubs play their game better.