Tuesday, April 16, 2013

CCW Causes Mass Shootout w/ Police

Update:  Ok, this is from last year.  They didn't have a date but had current news surrounding it.

Or not. Instead, in a case that will be deliberately ignored by Josh Sugarmann and Ladd Everitt, we see this :
  in the case of a motorist who was shot and killed along Greenwell Springs Road Friday after a fight with a police officer.  Investigators say an autopsy shows the deadly bullet was fired by a bystander, not the officer.

And what will really burn their shorts:
Police also announced that no charges would be filed in the case, either against the police officer involved or the bystander who fired the fatal shot into the head of George Temple.
Instead, anti-gun advocates would have preferred that the CCW be disarmed, the police (and everyone else) be at the mercy of criminals and charges be filed against the one who saved the officer.

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Tango said...

Just FYI, this incident is from 2006 or so. Excellent story, still.