Thursday, March 21, 2013

What Law Would Have Stopped This?

Guy walks into a bar...

Not the start of a joke but instead the precursor to  one of the rare murders in this county.  I'm going to guess the person wasn't a FOID holder (licensing/registration).  I'll also bet the individual was a prohibited person.   No 'Assault Weapon' was used. No 'High Capacity' Magazine was required.  It was in a place that served alcohol so the so-called carry law the anti's are trying for bans that even assuming the scum followed all the other rules. 

Seriously, what 'common-sense' anti-gun law would have stopped this since that's the claimed goal of the anti-gun groups?

A criminal is a criminal, especially one willing to commit violence against society. The only way to deal w/ them is to deal w/ THEM, not the tools they use.

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