Monday, March 18, 2013

What Happens When You Poll Real Gun Owners?

The results come out exactly like what us 'fringe insurrectionists' say.

A poll was taken of 4,500 ISRA members. By margins of over 90%, they opposed semi-auto bans, ammo restrictions, magazine limitations/bans, licensing/registration, and liability insurance.  2/3rds opposed a ban on private sales.

And how do ISRA members feel about anti-gunners?
less than 20% of respondents feel that gun control organizations are acting in good faith.  About 90% of respondents feel that politicians who promote gun control are only doing so for political reasons.  The credibility of the press took a hit as 97% of respondents feel that media is biased against private firearm ownership.
 Amazing that when the ISRA and NRA conduct polls of their members, it comes out completely different than when anti-gun organizations like MAIG put put polls saying what 'gun owners think', isn't it?

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TS said...

What??? I thought gun owners love prison?