Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Message To An Old Friend

A dedicated anti-gunner 'Weapons4sale' who's written approximately twice in the last 6 months and banned me straight out


That is all.

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Old NFO said...

:-) Yep, he's got to be STEWING...

Anonymous said...

naw I have a real life, job and other things I enjoy. Also, no offense ...but the majority of guys I argued with werent very intelligent and were wasting my time.

Funny you still check my blog though :)

Thirdpower said...

That's perfectly OK skippy. It goes to show just WHY the DiFi bill failed, because after all the impotent rage you spew on your site, that's all it amounted to. You've moved on to whatever cause de jour kicks in your anger management issues currently and dismiss it w/ more impotent insults to try and maintain your feelings of self-worth.

Have a nice day. I'll be at the range enjoying the weather and shooting my AR.