Saturday, March 23, 2013

Goose and Gander

To everyone who whines about those who demand the correct terminology be used in debate, consider the following.

Let's say the NRA starts a campaign to abolish the 1934 NFA, which covers full-auto machine guns. The NRA then films a live demo for media consumption showing someone firing a semi-auto rifle and claiming these are the types of guns covered by the 1934 NFA.

Would you call them out on their lie?

How would that be different than the antis pushing a ban on "assault weapons" while showing video of full-auto machine guns and claiming these are the types of guns their pending legislation will cover?

I am sick and tired of correcting all the misinformation regarding this new flurry of gun control.

The only tack I’ve really found to be effective is to ask the douche-nozzle I’m talking to whether or not they’ve actually read the legislation being proposed.

Hands down, every one of them says no.

We read everything because it has the potential to affect us greatly, they read nothing and instead rely on pure regurgitation because they FEEL it will affect their quality of life without risk of going to prison for the mere possession of owning an object.

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1 comment:

Braden Lynch said...

Might I add...our legislators who propose and vote on these horrid bills do not bother to read them also.

That should be grounds for them to be removed from office.

I would like to see everybody in congress and state legislatures sign an affidavit that they read each piece of legislation in its entirety before being allowed to vote on it.

We will have no more "Obamacare" insanities since they are so damn lazy and stupid.