Sunday, March 17, 2013

Reed Bible: Concealed Carry is Racist and Insurrectionist

At the Will County, IL board meeting they overwhelmingly approved a motion supporting Concealed Carry for Illinois.  The sole opponent was board member Reed Bible, a former DHS agent. In his opposition speech (beginning at 0:05:45) he calls it 'tainted w/ anti-gov't paranoia and racial overtones' and that people bringing up the issue is 'pandering to the interests of the weapons manufacturing industry and anti-governmental sentiments'.

He then goes into a diatribe supporting the mythical 'collective rights' meme using a few quotes and throwing in the 'Bogus' theory of the 2nd Amendment,  while ignoring the majority of litigative and legislative history. Pretty much the same crap that was put up in opposition to Heller, McDonald and Madigan. His 'motion' was shot down but he continued to try and play stupid games.

Note who he's sitting next to.  Don Moran, President of the Illinois State Rifle Assoc.who at around 0:20:00 proceeds to educate Bible on full litigative history and the history of the 2A.

So yeah, this leader in the Illinois Democratic party believes that Concealed Carry is 'racist' and 'anti-gov't'. Typical of an anti-gun statist.

UPDATE:  More from this statist twit in a letter to the editor .  Incoherent rambling and BS Joyce Foundation statistics galore topped off with a hefty helping of 'I was a Gov't agent, I know more than you."

And there just happens to be a commenter named 'RB' who sycophantically supports 'Reed Bible' and is also a unwavering anti-gun, NRA hating statist.  No connection, I'm sure

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Jon Dougery said...

Yeah, Reed Bible is a typical Feinstein gun-grabbing ass-hat! Anyway, keep up the great work with your blog...!