Monday, March 18, 2013

Chyme for more IL Amendment Slurry

I'm so glad we pay these people to be effective at their tasks. Instead of trying to fix the state's collapsing economy, they instead spend the day to try and poison concealed carry.

 On HB1155, (concealed carry) 7 more amendments were thrown against the wall. (47-53). Registration of all sales, firearm specific CCW license, only one carry firearm, restaurant ban, liability insurance, ban for people 'arrested' (note, NOT convicted) multiple times, and pushing back implementation till 2016.

On HB 1156, (AWB) they try for a grandfathered mag ban w/ registration and undefined fees.

Seriously, why do we pay these idiots and how do they keep getting elected? 

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Old NFO said...

Because they cater to their money folks...

Anonymous said...

And the clock keeps counting down on the 180 days the 7th district court gave on this deadline.

If it wasn't for that , imagine what little would get done in the capitol on ccw again as usual. Not that much is getting accomplished with a court specified deadline anyways.