Saturday, January 19, 2013

What 7.62x54R Did To Nazi's

Great photo from my range time this morning (Gun Appreciation Day).

Short video of the massacre after I got the Mosin-Nagant zeroed(ish):
I went to a video editor to have some fun.  Got some neat frame by frame when I hit the pineapple cans :

 Then out came the 10/22 and I heard audible thanks from my shoulder.  The scope was switched over from the AR so it took some major readjustment. I basically just followed the dirt sprays, cranked it a few times, and repeated until I got in onto the target.After a bit of that, I got some nice consistent groupings.  (low from my jerking the trigger. I was shooting fast):
Good enough for now.  Tonight is gaming.

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David W. said...

First Mosin?

You really should try gallon milk jugs with food coloring in them, they just explode. I also used a few laundry detergent bottles on the same day, the water explosions are just epic.

Old NFO said...

Yep, it works pretty well :-)

Thirdpower said...

Ironically we use fresh milk and make our own laundry detergent so no jugs or bottles. :)

David W. said...


Wow, good on you man. My family use to get all our milk from goats when I was younger until my brother refused to drink it once he was old enough to understand dates and saw the bottle was expired by a few years. I kind of miss it.

Roger said...

Butler Creek offers a slip on recoil pad that makes the Mosin a pussy cat to shoot. for less than $15.00 and 30 seconds of work you can tame that painful steel buttplate.
This is an example, you must measure your mosin to be sure of a fit.

Chris said...

I almost bought that rifle, but I left my C&R license at home, and when I called back, he said the kid next to him had snapped it up.

Looks like the bolt is pretty smooth.