Monday, January 14, 2013

Ammo Review: PMC .45 230 gr.

As a disclaimer, I am neither a professional nor a competitive shooter. I don’t do IDPA, USPSA, ABCD or any other tactical alphabet shooting. I did regularly qualify on the M9 while in the Army Reserve so there is that. I’m just an average firearm owner that likes to hit the range and perforate pieces of innocent paper and cans whenever I get the chance. That being said, the folks at LuckyGunner have kindly asked me to review different types of ammo for other firearm owners.

The first thing I can say is their shipping and customer service were top notch. Being from Illinois, I needed to send in copies of my FOID and Driver’s license. A quick scan and email took care of this and my package was shipped out the next day, arriving a few days later. There were regular Email follow-ups to make sure it had arrived and how I felt about the service.

 The ammo they sent me was PMC brand, 45 ACP 230gr. FMJ. I shot 100 rounds out of a Rock Island Armory 1911A1 using various magazines at 10 yrds. Weather was a nice 60 degrees and partly cloudy with a light breeze.

Out of those 100 rounds, I had zero misfires, hangfires or dud rounds. This particular handgun has cycling issues (typical of a cheap 1911) and the PMC did neither better nor worse than other brands in regards to that. Accuracy was on par to my abilities and the penetration of ‘plinking’ targets (an old garbage can, dryer, among others) was good. The ammo is on the dirty side however as I noticed considerable carbon buildup on the rounds I cycled out by hand, about the same as another brand famous for being ‘dirty’.

Overall this is an inexpensive round worth your money for basic range use and plinking. I would not recommend it for high performance competitions.

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