Friday, January 18, 2013

The Bills Are Piling Up

In Illinois, Acevedo throws the same turds against the wall as he did during the lame duck hoping they will be stickier this time. Effectively bans on all semi-autos and punishing victims of crime by making them criminals. 

Federally a truly stupid piece of nonsense gets introduced giving tax credits to people who turn in guns.  Under the specific purpose as a  “program to reduce the number of privately owned weapons,”

At least this nitwit is honest enough to admit the real purpose of gun control instead of trying to hide it under the guise of 'safety'.

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Old NFO said...

Yep the s**t is hitting the wall and they're hoping 'something' sticks!!!

Divemedic said...

This is a golden opportunity! It says that a taxpayer gets a $2,000 tax credit, if they can prove that they turned a gun on the list into authorities. Included in the list is any "conversion kit" that is defined as any number of parts that can be used to convert a semi automatic weapon into an assault weapon.
All you need to do is turn in to the police the folding stock kit that is sold at Bass Pro for the Ruger 10/22. That kit costs $119 at Bass Pro.

Since each taxpayer gets the credit, a married couple can buy two of those kits for about $250 (sales tax included) and collect $4,000 in tax credits. VIOLA!- a $3,750 profit!

phssthpok said...

Remind me again how the 'income tax' isn't a tool for social engineering and is absolutely essential to funding critical government operations?

Thirdpower said...

Problem is, the way I read it, it isn't a 'refund', it's a 'credit'. So instead of paying taxes on say $30k income, you pay on $28k. You might get back an extra few hundred.

Divemedic said...

No, a credit counts as if you had already paid that money in. A deduction subtracts from your income, a credit subtracts from your tax liability.

Chas said...

I'd like to see an effective death penalty for gangbangers who commit murder that would necessarily produce zero recidivism.
Why do we keep getting these pie-in-the-sky proposals from inner city representatives? Because they don't want to do anything about their murderous constituents, because it wouldn't go over too well "in the community".
Bad enough that they're gangsters, but if they kill, they die. That is justice. Give them a real disincentive, not a few years in the free gangster hotel where they can play, but a short, one way trip down the hypodermic highway. Zero recidivism works 100% of the time.

Rob Crawford said...

I'd like to see an effective death penalty for gangbangers who commit murder that would necessarily produce zero recidivism.

Nothing -- absolutely NOTHING -- in the current push for gun control will address the inner city gangs that account for a ludicrous percentage of gun crime. The focus will be ENTIRELY on weapons you're more likely to find in a rural or suburban home in the possession of someone who, at most, has a few traffic tickets.