Monday, January 14, 2013


What do you do when your boss wants a reason to promote more anti-gun legislation? 

Stage a press conference w/ a bunch of scary looking guns and claim they've been seized in just two weeks. 

Weapons displayed

What do you do when your story is found out to be crap and the guns are ones that have been allegedly confiscated over the last year? 

Come up w/ a bunch of lame-ass excuses why the 'real' guns couldn't be displayed.
 Police spokeswoman Melissa Stratton said the department had intended to show this year’s seizures, but the firearms weren’t inventoried in time. The weapons shown “match the guns that we took off the street” in characteristics like maker and caliber, she said.
 Here's my question.  Why the hell should we believe them?  They're 'representative' of one of the most corrupt gov'ts in the US and who have threatened the lives of firearm owners should CCW pass in IL. They will do and say anything to get their pet laws passed. 

So no, I don't believe the CPD has seized this many 'representative' firearms.  I believe this entire event was staged for the media. 

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Don said...

It was fake, but accurate.

Sigivald said...

That Simonov carbine sure is scary, with its 10 round fixed magazine and lack of pistol grip and adjustable stock, huh?

The bipod is a deadly assault feature!

Anonymous said...

Revolutionary truth is best truth.