Friday, January 18, 2013

Carolyn McCarthy Hates The 1st Amendment As Much As The 2nd

Her response to the NRA ad calling out Obama's hypocrisy (via emai)
 Did you see the NRA leadership's commercial invoking President Obama's daughters? It made me livid. The ad is deplorable, and it needs to be taken off the air.
You don't go after the President's children – or anyone's children...
The ad must be pulled off the air immediately. Stand with me and send that message to the NRA leadership.
That's right. For the gun control message to be successful, the NRA must be censored. The FACT that the very same Gov't officials who decry the call to put police officers in school infact send their own children to schools w/ armed security must be erased.  This is SOP for anti-gun activists. Since they can't win on their own merits, they must try and shut (or shout) down the opposition. Their hostility is also enabling potential violence against NRA officials. 

They are ignorant and they are liars

And they think they have the moral authority and right to control your lives.

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Chas said...

NRA should have done the ad without such a direct reference to Obama's kids. The idea was to go after the hypocrisy of the liberal elite, but it's predictably being misconstrued by the libs as being only about attacking O's children. Most people do think that the presidents kids are special and deserve special security. The ad should have been much broader in it's coverage of the elitist hypocrisy. THEIR kids' schools don't participate in the "National School Massacre Lottery" because they have armed guards, but they do want your kids schools to participate because they need the body count to advance their gun ban agenda. Somebody’s kids have to die, so that the liberal elite can achieve their political goals, just not THEIR kids.

Thirdpower said...

The libs would have attacked the ad no matter what. Being that most of their kids are/were in protected schools, it just adds to the hypocrisy

Chas said...

Some people, like McCarthy, seek to use their tiny little minds to oppress others, and make others' worlds as small as her own.
Some people jump off mountains and fly over trees like Superman.

Anonymous said...

Oddly, POTUS seemed to have no issue using OPC (Other People's Children) as props when he announced his sweeping gun control proposals the other day.

If memory serves, he had the little urchins lined up like human shields.

Matthew said...

Chas is right though, better to say something like "the people who want to take your guns..." with a bunch of official portraits flipping through reasonably quickly. Try to pick the biggies, give every state a taste.

Then in the easily email and facebook postable press release and newspaper article, name all the names of folks with armed security and/or armed schools by state.

Lets our grassroots push it on the personal level to their undecided friends and relations.

NRA has to get in the social media game.

Mr Evilwrench said...

Bet she wouldn't mind if her children were protected by guys with shoulder things that go up.