Friday, January 18, 2013

I Fired a Stockpile' of Ammo Last Weekend Apparently

and will be hopefully firing another this weekend.
  the landlord called police who found an AK-47 and a” stockpile” of ammunition, said Mirabelli.

“Inside, officers found nearly 400 rounds of ammunition for the rifle, extended magazines with ammunition and 36 rounds for a .357,’’ Mirabelli said.
 Less than 450 rounds. Wow. I just bought more than that for ONE of my guns. 

Nevermind the facts that the guy had is FOID 'revoked' (why they don't say) so he couldn't buy ammo and had a firearm illegal in Chicago. 

Obviously we need MORE laws.

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drjim said...

I've fired that much in ONE training session.

Chad said...

If they call that a stockpile, they'd stroke out if they saw how much I keep around...for that matter, how much most of the gunnies I know keep around.

maddmedic said...

Shoot I just finished reloading that many .38s and .357s today!!