Friday, October 26, 2012

Ladd Everitt/CSGV Get Their Censorship On

Not content w/ attempting to strip people of their 2nd Amendment rights, Ladd Everitt of the CSGV and nutball anti-gun lawyer 'Michael Bannerman' aka 'Laci the Dog' are attempting to strip the 1st Amendment rights of a paraplegic veteran that they consider a threat to national security.

Because he writes a column criticizing the gov't.

This is the same tactic they tried by accusing a blogger of child abuse.

They CANNOT win on their own merits so they have to resort to trying to shut down the voice of their opposition using lies and deceit. Maybe Ladd can show us on a doll where the dangerous insurrectionist touched him. That might explain all his hate. 

Gun control activism in action. Remember this whenever they call for a 'conversation'.

Update:  They've also done one of their classic hit pieces against Sebastian TBFKASIH.  Their Jerry Springer audience rejects continue to call for the arrest of political opponents.

And that 'Like' by one 'Bob Cassell, take a look at some other comments by that CSGV supporter:

 So 'gun violence' is fine as long as it's people of a different political stance. And throw in some racism for some filler. Ladd should be proud.

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legaleagle_45 said...

Someone should tell Laci that Dennis v US was tightly limited by Yates vs. US, 354 US 298(1957), holding that advocacy of the forcible overthrow of the US government as an abstract doctorine was protected by the 1st Amend and that Dennis was effectively overruled by Bradenburg v Ohio, 395 US 444(1969) holding that "mere advocacy" of violence was per se protected speech and that there must be some incitement of "imminent lawless action" for the speech to be actionable under the Smith Act.

Not that Kurt's column could ever be termed such advocacy, except in the fervered imagination of persons such as Laci

Chas said...

I thought it was racist and sexist to abuse someone for being a white male, but I guess it's not racism or sexism when the political left does it, at least not as far as they're concerned. They never call themselves hypocrites, do they?