Thursday, October 25, 2012

How Chicago Votes

We have a Congressman who disappeared, only to turn up weeks later at the Mayo Clinic in MN w/ 'Bi-polar Disorder'.

He is currently under investigation for campaign fraud and was seen partying in DC ( a really good idea for someone w/ BPD *sarcasm*) while still not working.

Now he's back at the clinic for more 'evaluation' and another possible stay. All the while collecting a paycheck from the taxpayers.

Mr. Jackson has the support of 58 percent of prospective voters, compared with 27 percent who support Republican Brian Woodworth and 15 percent who back independent Marcus Lewis
Does this really surprise anyone? 

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chiefjaybob said...

Come on, Roy, don't be so naive. You know how this game is played; they've been doing this way for thirty years. JJJjr hangs on for two more weeks, feigning illness, seeking treatment, not talking to anyone. He wins by a wide margin in a district that only knows how to cast ONE vote (straight "D" y'all). After the election, he holds a weepy news conference where he announces he just can't do the job he's been elected to do. Too stressful and all that. Then the puppeteers tell Quinn who to appoint in his place and the band keeps playing.

Allen said... forgot the part about him keeping his pension, which is probably now inflated by one more year of "service" (by virtue of him being elected) which he never actually worked a single day for.

has anyone determined if JJJ has turned in his guns yet, as required by law?

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

"Bipolar disorder"--that means he swings uncontrollably from drunken, irresponsible, gun-hating statist, to very drunken, irresponsible, gun hating statist, right?

chiefjaybob said...

Thanks, Allen. I had just gotten my blood pressure until control. Ah, f*ck it; where's the salt?