Sunday, October 28, 2012

Anti-gun 'Logic' from Lori O'neill

Lori O'Neill (AKA Gunsensus)states on the NY Appellate CourtViolating the Protection of Lawful Arms in Commerce Ruling:
 Any multiple sale of handguns requires a multiple sale form go to ATF and the police department in whose jurisdiction the sale occurred. Question is what happens then? Do police or ATF act on multiple sales reports, especially those that indicate the same person or people are making bulk purchases frequently?  

So the police/ATF drop the ball on obvious straw purchasers and a dealer who was doing the selling.  Her solution?

The state should limit the number of handguns a person can purchase in a single transaction, she said. And all federally licensed gun dealers and employees should be required to undergo training on recognizing straw purchases
So we need MORE laws that won't be enforced and violators prosecuted. And obviously we need to sue the manufacturers and distributors because a dealer (who the ATF also didn't charge and made excuses for not doing so) is an idiot. 

The goal of the groups she belongs to is to require all sale to go through dealers and sue the manufacturers/distributors/dealers out of business. No new guns and no legal transfers so all legally owned ones would eventually have to be turned in/confiscated. Any attempt to deny this is just deliberate dishonesty and ignorance of all their actions to date.

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Old NFO said...

Again, no surprise... sigh...

Nathan Tramp said...

If tracking down likely weapons traffickers is too big a job for local departments, why isn't the ATF doing it? Isn't that THEIR F***ING JOB!? "So, I've got this report of a guy buying 4 rifles every 2 weeks as a private citizen. I'll just sit on this report then? Okay, guys, roger that."

If we implement a purchase-limit law, ostensibly, that would cure the problem? No, it would just mean that the purchasers will avoid NICS checks; making it HARDER to catch actual straw purchasers.

KSGunner said...

I am not so sure about this case, the FFL in question was also the senior VP of MKS, the exclusive distributer of Hi-Point. Frankly I think something untoward was happening. I think Hi-Point is in the clear, but Brown the FFL, and MKS are likely in a world of hurt.