Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fudd/Only One In Action

It's entertaining to watch an alleged 'Only One' and confirmed Fudd's arguments devolve.  On the NG(V)AC's latest (oct 8th) 'fact', a guy goes on about how 'gun owners aren't responsible enough' and then starts listing his masters thesis in firearms.  'Combat Vet', 'Peace Officer', 'competitions', etc.  By his standards, 3.6m+ CCW licenses need to be revoked.

This is where it gets really entertaining:
By having a gun in the home the chances of someone living in the home being shot by that gun are far greater than a criminal getting shot with it. This is statistically proven.
 His 'evidence'?  You guessed it. Kellerman. So I pound the hell out of him w/ actual numbers. His response?  Not refuting any of this actual evidence but instead to call me a 'fanatic',compare me to a litany of other causes and ask me how many dead children I find acceptable before mandatory training is required for all firearm owners.  

His answer. Zero.  I then laughed at his lack of reality and he tried to change the subject from mandatory training which he earlier advocated to youth education like Eddie Eagle, child deaths included w/ adults, carrying v ownership, etc.  All over the place.

His final response is typical. He took his ball and went home:  
This has reached well beyond the waste of time point. You seem like the type that needs the last word. So I will be ignoring you now.
Which he did and continues to spout his gun control endorsing statements: "I can't foresee the need for an AR 15 with a 100 round mag."  while claiming he doesn't support 'gun bans.  

This is the kind of uneducated twit that the Brady Campaing, VPC and CSGV Feed off of. I have no patience for them and will continue to tell them how stupid they are and what they're really doing for firearm rights. 

UPDATE: Well it looks like 'Brent' removed the majority of his comments, specifically the ones where he parrots the gun control party lines and proves himself to be a true blue Fudd and 'Only One'.  I guess he wasn't so confident in his expertise after all if he now chose to hide it from the world.

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Old NFO said...

Sigh... Once again they do NOT want to deal with facts, only their skewed perception of reality...

Anonymous said...

Is there a cheat sheet of statistics somewhere for those of us who can't remember all the statistics in a timely fashon? it would be most helpful.

Thirdpower said...


Two good references.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

I'm half convinced good ol' Brent is parodying the other side, although admittedly, given their irrationality, it can get tough to distinguish between parody and the real thing.

Tango said...

His comments were all wiped out, leaving you to argue with yourself. Time to bust out the screenshots.