Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Elliot Fineman Lacking Originality

Shortly after Cook County, IL proposes to impose a poll tax on firearm owners for the actions of criminals and gang-bangers, the NG(V)AC puts up a post calling for gun owners to be taxed.
Over $5 billion tax dollars are used each year to cover the cost of U.S. gun homicides. Non-gun owners’ tax dollars pay the lion’s share of this cost.  This makes no sense; gun owners should pay 100% of this cost.
 I wonder where he gets the 'fact' that "Non-gun owners’ tax dollars pay the lion’s share of this cost."?  Probably the same place he got his 'fact' that Starbucks was losing millions to his 'boycott' and that his organization has 14 million members.

Gun control is a mental illness.

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Archer said...

Probably inferred from the "fact" that there are 80-100 million gun owners, leaving 200-240 million non-gun-owners.

Here's a better question: What percentage of gun-owners and non-gun-owners make up the "47%"; i.e. the people who don't pay taxes?

Given that purchasing firearms (legally) and shooting them (legally) is a rather expensive pastime, I'd bet the vast majority of (legal) gun-owners fall in the 53% that pay taxes. If so, his assertion (surprise, surprise!) would be false.

Not that he cares.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Gun control is a mental illness.

And we "insurrectionists" are the cure.