Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How to Raise a Choir Boy

What kind of family tends to create a lifelong criminal w/ a " a criminal past, liked to fight and had been behind bars on and off since he was 17 years old " w/ charges ranging from " assault, theft and domestic violence"? 

Why the kind that, after said criminal gets ventilated while burglarizing a home, goes to the home to confront the real victims and blame them for their relative's stupidity
"“They should have taken different precautions.”
 I’m not saying he was perfect, but he didn’t deserve it,” Green said.
 the situation could have been resolved differently.
 “I could replace anything in their house. They aren’t going to replace my brother,” he said.
 Boo, frickin' hoo.  You can tell this entire family were a group of enablers. It wasn't boo boo's fault, it was society.  Those meanies in their home should have trusted in him not to hurt them even though he had a long history of violence. The same argument made by gun control groups like the CSGV who believe the homeowners should have a 'duty to retreat'.

This turd was living a lifestyle where it was just a matter of time before he got into a situation where he would end up being room temperature after a few hours. I say the homeowners should sue the family/estate for the cost of a new couch and cleanup.

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JD Rush said...

The poll is at 73% "I have a gun and would use it" with an additional 24% saying "I plan to get one." Winning.

Steve said...

I like the part where a family member said he never mentioned anything about going to break into a house. Really? Did he often confide his criminal intentions?

drjim said...

I'll only "retreat" far enough to get my weapon!

Robert Fowler said...

drjim said...
I'll only "retreat" far enough to get my weapon!

My weapon is on the nightstand next to my head. If something goes bump in the night, they are getting 8 rounds of .45 HP's. Followed up with 4 rounds of #1 buckshot if necessary.

Sigivald said...

I like the part, myself, where the family member admits that the deceased "liked to fight", as well.

Does he expect the man's victims to just let him assault them, too?

Instead of not-actually-because-it-would-never-happen offering to "replace anything in their house", maybe he should have intervened to stop his relative's criminal behavior?

Or at least not blame the person he tries to victimize?

Divemedic said...

Here is the obituary: