Sunday, February 19, 2012

'Pro-Government' or 'Pro-Authoritarian'?

Ladd Everitt, Comm. Dir of CSGV:

Even excusing the whole 'granting rights' nonsense, in reality though, he's not really 'pro-government', otherwise he would support the decisions by the overwhelming majority of constitutionally elected state legislatures to pass concealed carry laws, Castle Doctrine, etc. as the legitimate will of the people. Instead he opposes them with every fiber of his being, justifying his opposition as being bought and paid for by the NRA and relying on bought and paid for push polls.

Yet he has acted as an apologist for the Gov't even when they commit criminal acts resulting in the deaths of countless Mexican civilians and at least one federal agent, Brian Terry (again blaming it on the NRA) . He supports the restricting of civil rights based upon secret lists w/ the removal of Due Process and has called for the imprisonment/execution of people who oppose the current administration's agenda.

What he really is isn't 'pro-government but instead is 'pro-authoritarian', giving power to the gov't that supports his personal agenda no matter the consequences to civil liberties and rights.

Ladd and his ilk would have proudly worn red 240 years ago, calling Madison, Hamilton, Washington, Revere etc. 'insurrectionists' and 'traitors' to their rightful King while informing on their patriot neighbors to the royal authorities.

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45er said...

"would have proudly worn red"


Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

For those who've so far failed to notice their authoritarianism, they're leaving no doubt now.

Ladd just took a dump on the civil disobedience of Thoreau, Gandhi, and King.

BobG said...

Piss-poor example of an American. Sounds like he would have been happier living behind the old Iron Curtain.

AuricTech said...

Sounds like he would have been happier living behind the old Iron Curtain.

That's probably because, like many collectivists, he fondly imagines himself as part of the United American Soviet's nomenklatura, with no chance of being sent to a reeducation camp when his clique loses a power struggle.

Braden Lynch said...

He needs to provide some examples of us "extremists" shooting at our government officials over tyranny or he is full of the stuff that exits the posterior of a horse after a good grazing.

Let's see, off the top of my head, we had the Oklahoma City bombing. That's one. The Unabomber, does not fit too well. Anything else substantial? That's not a direct threat to our government. A few wackos in 308 millions Americans is not unexpected.

He fails to realize that if our country ever went the way of Nazi Germany (remember that Hitler was first elected and used Enabling Act to seize power and benefited from gun control laws) then we are the ones who will be there to shut it down. He will be useless, or in league with them.