Thursday, February 23, 2012

'We Americans'

Abby Spangler, head PEG-Head, has declared that only the few dozen people supporting the failed Starbucks Boycott are 'Americans'.
The tens of thousands of supporters of the 'BUYcott' are more like 'gang members', bad parents who don't care about children and want to see them dead. She worries that everone around her might be 'mentally ill and severely dangerous'. They all could be Anti-American Untermenschen so need to be controlled.

Abby is showing the signs of clinical paranoia and needs to seek help. This is one of the leaders of the anti-gun lobby in action.

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Braden Lynch said...

No Abby, real Americans respect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Please look at the second item, yeah the one that spells out our right to have firearms. It also mentions how our government cannot restrict this right into something meaningless.

So, since I choose to respect all the parts of the Constitution, I say that I am a real American.

You are less of one, Abby.

chiefjaybob said...


Cemetery's Gun Blob said...

Sounds like she's anti police having guns as well....

greenmeanie said...

That woman really needs to get on some meds and I'm not being mean, snarky or cruel. She's a textbook hoplophobe.

Anonymous said...

Hoplophobia is a mental disorder. I think Abby is transferring her own deeply disturbed mental state to other people.

Sean D Sorrentino said...

I guess Mistress PEG has spoken. It's our job as untermenschen to shut up and obey else feel the sting of the whip.

I don't think I will comply, and I will return violence with violence redoubled. She should stick to ordering the Oompa Loompa and Thunderfoot around. I'm not the "obeying" type.