Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Redneck Ruger

My buddy, former blogger Longhorn Jeff, bought the Ruger 10/22 I had for sale and picked it up on Saturday. It's a 1973 model w/ an original, near mint, walnut stock and he didn't want to drill holes in it for a sling, needed for the Appleseed he's planning on attending.

W/ a bit of Southern engineering and the strap to the gun case it came in, here's the result:

Not as ugly as I imagined when he described it to me but he'ld better bring a backup in case it doesn't hold up to the stress an Appleseed puts on the sling. I know I had to repair mine after a day of abuse.

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1 comment:

Hartley said...

Hmm - half of a 1907 sling without the keepers.. he will probably end up wanting a better sling for Appleseed, but no worries, they'll show him what he needs..:-)