Monday, February 20, 2012

Not a 'Formal Activist'? Another 'Gun Owner Butt'...

According to an article on Rahm's proposal to tax firearm owners:

CHICAGO | Bill Jenkins isn't your classic gun control lobbyist. In fact, he isn't even a lobbyist or a formal activist.

He is an Illinois gun owner and a father who lost a child to gun violence.

I'm wondering what they mean by that since he 'formally' debated Richard Pearson, ED of the ISRA and Todd Vandermyde, NRA Lobbyist back in September. He's also 'formally' been giving interviews regarding gun control for at least 6 years, is a board member of the NGAC and, in his own words, has "been working closely with the Million Mom March and the Brady Campaign..." and describes himself as a a 'passionate advocate'.

He supports gun registration and 'Assault Weapon' bans (while knowing little to nothing about them) and opposes Concealed Carry. Nothing to do w/ crime but all of this due to the fact that his son was murdered by violent criminals even after offering no resistance and giving them what they asked for.

Sounds like your classic gun control lobbyist/ formal activist to me.

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Robert Fowler said...

His credentials automatically tell you he is a liberal. I'm sorry his son died, but I didn't do it. So how is disarming me going to help? If these liberal pisswits would work half as hard on keeping criminals locked up as they do trying to take our guns, they might see a drop in the crime rate.

Sevesteen said...

Maybe he's not considered a formal activist because he isn't getting a Joyce-funded paycheck?

Jacob said...

There are legal definitions as to what constitutes "lobbying" and he might not meet them. That could be what he's referring to.

Weer'd Beard said...

He's not a "formal activist" but people like yourself, Kaveman, Linoge, Sebastian and Bitter, Joe, and Barron are all "Pro-Gun Activists".

Of course the key is we're 2nd Amendment supporters because we believe in the cause and passionate about self defense, and the hobby. Not to mention less violent crime is a tide that lifts all boats.

They are anti-freedom because they are paid to.