Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ladd Everitt Loves To Hate

Add people who play Role Playing Games like Dungeons and Dragons to the list Ladd 'Thunderfoot' Everitt, Comm. Dir. of the CSGV is bigoted against:

My guess? Even they wouldn't put up w/ him in High School. Either way it's another positive social grouping that Ladd can't understand and so projects his own hatred and anger towards.

In response to 'Texas Concealed Carry":

Geez. What group DOESN'T Ladd have some sort of stereotype against?

But the real belly laugh comes w/ this:

This coming from the guy who sockpuppeted for his boss for years under the handle GritsJr before getting caught and is now posting under another handle while refusing to acknowledge the connections.

It's amazing the world of hate and discontent that these people live in.

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Sean D Sorrentino said...

What's he got against D&D? What a douche. I play, even now at 42 years old. Getting time in all our busy schedules is difficult, but I'll tell you it was comforting to have my gun the day we had a scam artist come in on us. A gun, a 70 lb dog, and a willingness to kill goes a long way.

Bob S. said...

Fake Names like Japete, Mikeb30200 or Baldr Odinson?

Isn't there a scripture about a plank and a splinter?

Matt said...

HEY! I play D&D and shoot! The ranting and facings against guns is one thing ( he is paid do that however bad he is at it, and he sucks) but now D&D too? Next thin you know he'll be raving about "you dang kids with your rock and roll and your sports cars dadgum it !" yeesh, irrelevant much Ladd? On a relate note I would like to state that I am taking the wife shooting this weekend and then going to play D&D, should I be required to have a license for both of those now? What an idiot...

Weer'd Beard said...

I got Started on D&D but really it's too rules heavy for me. Gets in the way of the story and playing.

This local guy gets it right IMHO

Ken said...

The "Eternal Cowards" of the NRA are disproportionately veterans of the military. Meanwhile, Big Man Ladd Everitt shaves his head in order to pretend that he's in a military he never had the courage to join.

Ken said...

By the way, Ladd, if you're there--and I know you are, since cyberstalking is your profession--I'd advise you to put down your vinyl album set of Madonna's Immaculate Collection and look around. Right. It's not 1990 any more. Nobody actually thinks "Look! Nerds!" is a legitimate argument nowadays. Oddly enough, in the Internet age, it's socially acceptable to have interests other than kissing Hollywood celebrity ass. Even activities Madonna doesn't approve of. Weird, isn't it?

Oliver Perry said...

Check the header photo on his FB page and tell me this isn't projection, pure and simple.