Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The @CSGV and 'Conspiracy Theories'

Ladd Everitt of the CSGV never seems to like it when I bring up the fact that he and his organization support the denial of rights due to arbitrary and secret Gov't run 'lists'. Whenever I do, he scurries away back into his hole:
@TrailerDays It's back to conspiracy theory time? OK, catch you later.
He claims that there is 'judicial review' of the process but can't seem to point out exactly where it is.

I guess the ACLU can join the ranks of 'traitors', 'insurrectionists', and believers in 'conspiracy theories' because what I've said is nothing more than what the ACLU has stated about expansion of Gov't lists as they currently stand.

What we have seen is that the lists are a joke. There is no 'Due Process'. And that the 'list' is one gigantic boondoggle w/ little hope of recovery.

But they don't really care. Anything they think they can use to restrict and reduce legal firearm ownership is fine w/ them. What's really ironic is they go on and on about supporting the Bill of Rights but then support measures that violate it, call other parts 'nonsense', and if you disagree w/ the gov't? You're a 'traitor'.

Isn't that the kind of Government we fought a revolution to break away from?

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Kurt "45superman" Hofmann said...

Ladd can talk all he wants about "judicial review," but every version I've seen of this kind of legislation, like Lautenberg's S. 34, allows the Attorney General's office to redact any information that they determine "would compromise national security," thus giving them the power to make it absolutely impossible to effectively contest the "suspected terrorist" designation.

The "judicial review," is, in other words, rendered moot.

Thirdpower said...

Hey, Star Chamber courts are perfectly acceptable. It's a 'court' after all.

Chas said...

Let's call for a list of dangerous, anti-American organizations that are seeking to subvert the Second Amendment rights of ordinary American citizens, so that those organizations can be "administratively" shut down and not allowed to operate as long as they're on the list. Then we can sit back and let Laddy make our arguments for us.
Throwing away due process can cut both ways. Ladd might not think it's such a great idea when it's poised to cut off his paycheck.

The perfect countermove to the anti groups' threat to our Second Amendment rights is to threaten their First Amendment rights. We'd merely need to use their own arguments, "not an unlimited right", "reasonable restrictions are reasonable", "common sense regulations are needed common sense". Then they can make our arguments in favor of freedom for us. It would be amusing to hear them contradicting themselves by supporting freedom and opposing it at the same time. They are wrong to oppose freedom, and that is something that can be demonstrated by forcing them to defend their own freedom, which they are abusing by abusing us.