Tuesday, April 19, 2011

@CSGV Endorses Confiscation of Firearms.

Another Ladd Everitt goldmine tweet:
@ @ @ @ Bill of Rights was patterned on English BOR. Disarmament was not uncommon in England
So by that logic, the CSGV's view is that the Bill of Rights allows for the disarmament of the citizenry. Not surprising since he's also claimed that 'only' 75 people having their property stolen by the authorities during Katrina wasn't a 'mass confiscation'. Just another 'conspiracy theory' , a term they use when they need to try and demonize/dismiss a topic they can't defend against.

And they call ME a 'traitor'?

And as SIH pointed out, that 'disarmament' was usually limited to certain religious denominations. More discrimination through gun control.

It really makes you wonder how delusional one has to be to continue to endorse gun control as their belief system.

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K-Romulus said...

He is not so great at history, either. Dave Hardy, Steven Halbrook, and David E Young have all written about how late 1700s American legal scholars distinguished the robust American RKBA that differed from the weak and easily infringed English RKBA.

Weer'd Beard said...

but they are not a gun ban organization and they are NOT after our guns, right?


Ken said...

They are not at all delusional. They are well aware that we are legally and morally in the right, and they want to kill us for it.

Note my wording. Disarmament will not be the end of their evil plans. Every waking hour, they have vile fantasies about murdering us en masse.