Saturday, April 23, 2011

Desperation justified

A while back a buddy of mine and I were talking about why there were only 4.3 million NRA members out of 80 million gun owners. We tried to think of ways to get some people off the couch with limited success.

But after Sugarmann and the Brady Bunch threw a fit about the “Round Up” program, I started thinking a little differently. I also started to understand the level of desperation we’re seeing from the PSHers.

If they only had to worry about the political clout the NRA has with 4,000,000+ members, they might have a chance convincing congress critters that we’re the vocal fringe they imagine.

But that’s not their only opposition. Truth be told, everyone who buys guns, ammo, cleaning supplies, safes, spotting scopes etc. are the elephant in the room for them…and for those congress critters.

Even the Fudds spend their money on their sport of choice.

The antis want John Q. Public to believe they’re “taking on the NRA.” But deep down, they know they’re attacking 80 million gun owners and the financial machine they support.

That’s what has them scared.

Dues-paying members are indeed carrying some dead weight, but after spending several years trying to change the hearts and minds of the antis and the fence sitters, I’ve come to an inescapable conclusion.

Getting a Fudd to join the NRA will be easier than trying to get the antis to simply leave us the Hell alone.

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Kurt "45superman" Hofmann said...

Not to mention that, although Elena Kagan is ever likely to become a champion of gun rights (OK, highly unlikely), Scalia might at least convert even her to at least Fudd status.

Even that's a hell of a lot more "pro-gun" than the Joshes (Sugarmann and Horwitz) can stomach.

Dannytheman said...

It looks you and your friends sit around wondering about some of the same things as me and mine. I have had some luck of late taking people along to a friends of NRA dinner or 2. Recruitment there is easier, as they see the immediate comradeship that raising money for shooting sports does. But 4.3 million members is a nice stick for the NRA to carry. I would prefer 10 million, but is growing.

alcade said...

I've kind of given up on getting people to voluntarily join the NRA. I just buy them the damn membership for Christmas or their birthday.

Guffaw in AZ said...

I copied your sentiment on my blog, because you are right! Hopefully, enough gunnies will read these posts and take action.

Anonymous said...

I think people should first donate/become a member of SAF (for judicial support) and then become a member of NRA (for legislative support).

Portfolio balancing as a model seems to be a better way of explaining what we should be supporting.